Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ARNP Management Interview: Rayceism Defined

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Shot by Jonny Rymez of ARNP
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A Taste of For LA By LA (5/18/2013)

Props to Coup Street, McLogan & the vendors/artists. Was a day truly well spent.

White Buffalo
Vyal One

This design was done entirely by hand with a fine point industrial Sharpie!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Interview on OG Huskey Radio!


Much love y'all. Please share this with all your friends, fam & trolls. 


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fan Love

I try to connect with each and every fan that reaches out to me. I am a fan of y'all! Thank you for all of the love and support  :]  

"Fans from lands closest and few acquaintances, that can't even understand but love what we publish! As if royalty free implied less effort, I'll take the opposite route: put my heart in every word!"
-Handshake Sealed Fate from Attention Please LP Play this track

"I praise every fan; accessibility isn't an option, it's a definite pick chosen to uphold respectability as a mutual topic! Shake your hand, sign an autograph, take a picture; outlandish as it may sound, it's all a part of this Rayce-ism!"
-Unreleased track (email me if you would like to hear the sneak peak before it is released!)